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Services & Prices


I am specialised in translations from and into Dutch, English and Italian and I have a lot of experience in writing well-readable texts. You can read what my customers have to say about me by clickinghere. The price of a translation is based on the number of words times the price per word. For small translations (less than 250 words) there is a minimum rate of €25,00 (net of VAT). Are you not sure how many words your text consists of or do you not know how to calculate the number of words? Please contact me and I will try to help you to the best of my abilities. To know exactly what a translation will cost, you can ask for a free quotation. These prices will vary, because they depend on (a combination of) the following factors:
  • The language pair; a translation into Dutch will be easier for me and cheaper for you than a translation into Italian.
  • The deadline; do you need a translation within 24 hours or on a Saturday or Sunday? I will then charge an extra 50% (net of VAT).
  • The complexity of the text; does the source text contain a specific jargon (medical translations or technical translations)? Then the price will be higher, because the translation will require more research and more time.
  • Student discount; students will always receive a 20% discount on a translation or edit of their thesis, essay of resume.


Apart from translating, I can also edit and correct texts for you. I pay close attention to spelling, grammar and readability and I will make sure that the tone of voice of the author will be maintained in the translation. I edit resumes, motivation letters, essays, theses and other texts. The price for editing and correcting a text will not be based on the number of words, but rather on the time required for the correction. Editing a text will usually take less time than an actual translation. Below you can find the rates for editing and correcting your text. Do you want to receive your edited text within 24 hours and on Saturday or Sunday? Then I will charge an extra 50% (net of VAT).

Normal text

When editing a text that is not a resume, motivation letter, thesis or essay, I will charge an hourly fee of €30,00 (net of VAT).

Resume/motivation letter

The price of editing of correcting a resume or motivation letter will be the same as a normal text. However, since resumes and motivation letters usually are not that big, you will never pay more than €30,00 in total (net of VAT).


Below you can find the rates for editing/correcting a thesis or essay. (all prices are net of VAT).
DeadlineWithin 24hWithin 48hWithin 3 daysWithin 4 daysWithin 5 daysWithin 6 daysMore than 7 days
Editing only €0,013€0,012€0,011€0,010€0,009€0,008€0,007
Editing including structure, content and lay-out €0,023€0,020€0,015€0,013€0,012€0,011€0,010


Do you want me to edit an essay of thesis of 10,000 words and just pay attention to spelling, grammar and interpunction, and do you want to receive the edited tekst within 48 hours? Then this will be the formula: 10,000 words x €0.012 = €120.00 (net of VAT) Do you want me to edit the same essay or thesis of 10,000 words and pay attention to structure, content and lay-out as well? Then this will be the used formula: 10,000 words x €0.020 = €200.00 (net of VAT)