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WVM Translations was founded in 2016 by Wesley Victor Mak. During my MA-course Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English) at Leiden University I experienced working with different text types, at both legal and audiovisual level. In 2016 I also obtained a BA-degree in Italian Language & Culture. Thus, I am specialised in Dutch, English and Italian. I can translate from and to these three languages.

For a few years now, I have been working for the online translation agency Gengo. Most of the jobs I do for them are for the website of CataWiki, an auction site that I provide with either English or Dutch translations of their advertisements. More often than not, these are texts with a specific jargon on collector’s items, fashion, jewels and stamps.

Since 2015 I have been working as a translator for Whisky & Spirits Magazine, a magazine on whisky & strong liquors. For them, I translate English articles into Dutch and I make sure that the text still reads well, so the readers won’t know that they are dealing with a translation.

Furthermore, I edit Dutch, English and Italian texts and correct all mistakes regarding grammar, style or spelling. Think of theses, essays, resumes and motivation letters. Once again, I make sure that the texts read well.

"Eén taal is al mooi, kun je nagaan als je er twee mag gebruiken."


2016–2017 Master of Arts in Linguistics, Leiden University Translation in Theory and Practice (Dutch/English) Specializations: Legal Translation; Multimodal Translation

2013–2016 Bachelor of Arts in Italian Language & Culture, Leiden University

2007–2013 VWO, Alfrink College, Zoetermeer

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